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When you meet others interested in photography there are always same old questions; do you use film or digital? FX or DX? What is your favourite film /paper? And occasionally, which photographers do you like?

Talk will mostly be about the technical aspects. A few years back I went to a local camera club and was greeted by a committee member. We sat down and started to talk about photography. He asked me what camera I used and I replied. His response was amazing he said that it was only a DX and that I would get nowhere without an FX. What he meant was I would not win points for the club as images from a DX camera would be judged inferior. I never went back.

I started teaching photography over 30 years ago and have very clear memories of the first class at a local college. They were a bunch of keen amateur men eager to move into professional photography. One guy asked, “what is your favourite film?” to which I replied whichever I need to do the job. His response was very strong saying there was only one film to use – Kodachrome 25, i.e. a 25ASA colour slide film. I tried to say that although that was a very good film it was not appropriate for many situations. He was adamant that it was the only film he was ever going to us because it was the best.

The point here is that the continual arguments about the best film, camera, paper, software is largely irrelevant. The best camera is the one you have with you and know how to use. If an image appears before your eyes it is no use thinking I should be using an XYZ and all I have is an ABC. It is the image that matters so learn to get the best from what you have.

I use film and digital. When I use film I make silver prints. When I use a digital I use an ink jet printer. I choose the medium to get the results I want. Going back to a previous post there is no way on earth I could have got this shot with film – it was taken on a digital camera and 25,600 ASA in available light. I could have taken a load of supplementary lighting down the mine and spent several minutes setting up the shot but I would have got something very different to this. In fact I deliberately chose not to use flash as I feared it could have caused the subject to experience temporary blindness which would have been inconvenient and dangerous.

Think about the whole photographic process from original idea to end product and make choices based upon the image you want as the end result. Do not get stuck in the technology, find what works best for you, and stop listening to what others think is best. Most of all stop worshiping the equipment and enjoy the photographs you produce because in the end if this photography lark is not about the image what is the point.

Welcome to the new site

Welcome to the new site on a much faster server. It has taken a while and there is still more to do so please come back soon as I will adding material regularly.

Blackpool, 23 June 2016, the day of the BREXIT poll!

I have had a long break from taking photos and doing large projects, that has also come to an end. Work has started on a new portraiture/documentary project which I am keeping under wraps for now. It will be indeed be different, to anything I have done before, it has to be due to major health issues.

I also plan to do more writing about photography, media and the state of the world especially as many government seem intent on shutting down independent channels.